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GURAM Chachanidze


2022. "Adam's rib: Lapsus Calami",

Potential Project art space, Athens, Greece



Saristra Festival, Cephalonia, Greece

2016. "When the Scream comes" ,

Saristra Festival Cephalonia, Greece

2011. “Stranger”

Booze Cooperativa, Athens, Greece

2011. “Mother of Hearth”, Athens, Greece

2011. “Somebody called me SEBASTIAN”

                  Wall Project, Athens, Greece                                                                




2019 . "Nothing Dies"

Vouleftikon ( Greek first parliament ), Nafplio, Greece

2018 . "Nothing Special: just poetics of becoming" ( Trilogy, 3 part )

 Cheapart Gallery, Athens, Greece

2018. "CAMISA"

 Art Festival Back To Athens 2018, Athens, Greece


2016 . "Nothing special: Just not Opium - CONCORDAT" (Trilogy, 2 part ) Cheapart Gallery.Athens


2016. "Nothing special: Just a Tragedy of Belief " ( Trilogy, 1 part )

Art Festival Back To Athens 2016 , Athens, Greece

2015 . "ΒΙολετΑ"

(International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women ), Athens, Greece

2013. "... Connecting People?!"  

Outview Film Festival, Cervantes Instituto of Athens , Greece 


photographer, independent curator, installation artist and collaborator.

He was born in Tbilisi, where he began experimenting with photography at the age of six.

Guram studied film directing in Tbilisi and photography in Athens. He has lived and worked in Athens, Greece since 2006.

Society and politics are his main sources of inspiration. In his work, he critically examines social, political and cultural issues. He explores the essence of an issue as a question of philosophy. He uses a variety of materials and processes in each project.




2018. Photo exhibition of the finalists and the winners of the Rovinj Photodays 2018, MUO - Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, Croatia

2018. Rovinj Photodays / ( "SCRIPTA MANENT" Finalist (Artist Concept) ), International Photography Festival, Rovinj, Croatia ( Finalist )

2018. "PORTRAIT 2018", CICA Museum, Czong Institute of Contemporary Art, South Korea

2016. "Portrait Cabinet", Cheapart Gallery, Athens, Greece

2015. "VANDALISM",, Cheapart Gallery, Athens, Greece

2014. "MORPHOS II", Venice, Italy

2014. “...With the flower of youth”, Contrast Photo Festival, Yeni Cami (Old Archaeological Museum), Thessaloniki, Greece



Since 2020 I have been collaborating as photographer with art space "Potential Project" for the project "Potential Project".


Since 2018 I have been collaborating as a costumes designer with visual artist Olga Stefatou for the project "Chrysalis".


Since 2016 I have been collaborating as a independent curator with art duo Nikos & Nikos (Lamprinos, Marinis )


2019 - I collaborated as a photographer, visual artist with the Royal District Theatre for the project "Decalogue" Polish director Wojtek Faruga ( Georgian-Polish co-production ).


2019 - I collaborated as independent curator with Municipality of Nafplio, Δ.Ο.Π.Π.Α.Τ. for a group show "Nothing Dies" (Co-organization: Municipality of Nafplio, Δ.Ο.Π.Π.Α.Τ.).


2016, 2018 I collaborated as independent curator with the festival "Back To Athens"


2017 - I collaborated as text writer with photographer Natassa Kotsambassi for the work "Omonia".


From 2015 to 2018 I collaborated as independent curator and artist with the gallery "Cheapart"

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