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The core idea of this exhibition explores the perception of time as conceived by man.

How are the time relations of a person's life events reflected in the human psyche, creating a sense of time, just what neurobiologists and psychologists call a biological clock. That time can't be measured with an instrument, but that is what defines a sense of reality.

People feel nostalgic or hope for a future and almost never have a connection to the present, when physicists claim that the common perception of time, the past, the present and the future can't be regarded as real. Time doesn't pass, it just is.

Therefore, our perception of time as flowing, and not standing, immobile, to say it lightly, is wrong.

John Dunne's theory says that in fact, all times are present always -in other words, the past, the present and the future, in a way, are happening "together"

Ancient eastern wisdom tells us that -"Yesterday" is just another name for "Today" -. If someone thinks about it and slightly removes himself from the accustomed perception of time, then he will quickly understand that yesterday, was indeed today. Indeed, it was a very distant future that became a not so distant future, and then became the present, whereas now it has become a not so distant past and in the future it will become the distant past...

But how can yesterday seem like the future? Could an event from the past change?

Can it remain unchanged if by each passing minute it becomes even more distant in time? Or is the perception of that event that changes? It is proven that Time is what man attributes to the facts, whereas in reality the facts are floating in the sea of time timelessness.


Artists:    Andreas Papamichael, Annetta Spanoudaki

                 Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Gelina Palla

                 Nausica Xipolia, Vangelis Zervopoulos

                 Vasiliki Sagkioti, Victoria Ioannidou

                 Nikos & Nikos 


curated by GURAM Chachanidze


Parallel Events:

performance 'RETRACTATIONES'

performer:  Annetta Spanoudaki

performance '3'

performer: Gelina Palla


Staikopoulou, Nafplio, Greece, 2019

Co-organization: Municipality of Nafplio, Δ.Ο.Π.Π.Α.Τ. (Municipal Organization of Culture = Sport-Tourism Environment

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