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The exhibition “Nothing special: just poetics of becoming” is the third part of a trilogy.

The first part regarded the tragedy of belief. The second part considered the cohabitation of politics with religion and its effects on daily life, on society and the human existence.

The third part pertains to the human, as a distinct Substantia.

What if we remove the two main pillars from the human – religion and politics and then empty him from belief? What will remain?

Can the man find himself and not being dependent?

If we re-examine the history of humanity, we can simply describe it as the search for a place under the sun.

Where is the person and his ego, when his fate is being decided?

Why do we need a scapegoat?

When does apathy begin and what is its role?

The starting point of the exhibition is the human, his substance, Anthropocentrism, as well as many other internal and external factors – the problems and the shaping of human evolution, are the concerns the exhibition raises.


History is being made by personality or by society?


Anestis Ioannou, Eleni Kordali, Evdokia Kyrkou,

Maria Karathanou, Myrto Sarma, Panagiotis Tsiklis,

Vangelis Savvas,  Ylena Katkova,

Babis Karalis - Orestis Karalis,  

Eleftheria Kotsou - Gerasimos Galiatsatos,  

Giannis Delagrammatikas - Yiannis Sinioroglou,

Giannis Kardasis - Yorgos Lintzeris

Nikos - Nikos

Theodore Dushi - Victoria Ioannidou,

venue: CHEAPART Gallery, Athens


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